Ecodesign methodology and management systems according to ISO 14006



What is the Ecodesign methodology?

 Ecodesign methodology

Ecodesign is a technique that introduces the environmental variable in the design and development of products and services. This is intended to minimize and avoid as much as possible the environmental impact they cause to the environment throughout its life cycle.

When considering one more variable in the design and development process, it is possible to obtain products and services that are much more competitive and of high quality, in addition to being respectful with the Environment, which is a factor of differentiation in the current market.

Other improvements associated with the application of Ecodesign and the introduction of an "eco-innovative" thinking in the company are the reduction of costs and help to comply with the environmental legislation linked to the life cycle of the products and the extended responsibility of the manufacturer (for example , ErP Directive or Ecodesign Directive).

Ecodesign is also considered as the main tool when establishing Circular Economy strategies, since it allows to prevent waste associated with the life cycle of products and services before they appear.


What is a management system according to ISO 14006?

The ISO 14006 standard provides guidelines to establish, document, implement, maintain and continuously improve the management of Ecodesign as part of an environmental management system. This system is certifiable and can be integrated into any other management system existing in the company, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14.001.

A management system based on the requirements of the ISO 14006 standard entails the inclusion of the Ecodesign methodology within the usual operations of a company, in such a way that it becomes the usual work dynamic.


What are the benefits of implementing an Ecodesign management system?

  • Help the company anticipate future environmental legislation that is applicable.
  • It allows its products to access more demanding markets in terms of sustainability and their demands.
  • Increase the quality of products and facilitate eco-innovation.
  • Help saving both internal and external costs.
  • Improves the image of the company and the reputation of its products.

 Certification ISO 14006


In Spain more than 126 companies design their products and services under the ISO 14006 Ecodesign Standard. In the list of companies appear organizations that belong to all types of sectors: from architecture studios to furniture manufacturers, companies in the electrical-electronic sector, equipment goods, technology centers, construction materials, packaging-packaging companies, lighting or companies in the agri-food sector.