EPD - Environmental Product Declaration




EPD individual verifier

IK INGENIERIA developed in 2008 the first EPD verified in Spain. Since then...

  • We have developed and / or verified more than 80 EPDs.
  • We are independent verifiers approved by the Swedish Environmental Management Council and EPD International AB.
  • We are part of the International Advisory Committee "of the International EPD System and the Technical Committee.
  • We have created / moderated and participated in the development of 9 Product Category Rules PCRs.


What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are documents that are transparently displayed and verified by an independent third party, showing information related to the environmental profile of the product or service based on a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

They are based on the ISO 14025 (Environmental labels and declarations, Type III environmental declarations, Principles) and the standard itself indicates that the objective of the EPD is to show environmental information to allow comparison between products, services or activities that comply with the same function.

An EPD is considered an "Ecolabel", although its main difference from other ecolabels is that an EPDs does not define environmental requirements or minimum values to be met (there is not a list of environmental requirements that the product must comply with to be certified), so the results of the LCA study carried out are shown.

Steps to create an EPD environdec

What are the benefits of having Environmental Declarations of verified Products?

  • Respond to demands from the customers regarding the supply of environmental information related to the life cycle of the products or services provided.
  • Improves the image of the company and its transparency towards the market, by reinforcing the commitment to show the complete environmental information of the life cycle of its products or services.
  • It can be audited and validated by an independent accredited body, which guarantees the credibility and veracity of the information contained in the declaration
  • Improves the competitiveness of the company internationally and allows you to access green markets that previously had no entry
  • Classification into groups allows comparisons between functionally equivalent products.