CLIENT: Stadler rail Valencia S.A.U.


YEAR: 2016 - 2018

Albuixech - Valencia

The life cycle analysis for STADLER VALENCIA of its EURODUAL locomotive for the transport of goods has been carried out following the guidelines of the product category rules "PCR 2009: 05 Rolling Stock" of the verification system of Environmental Product Declarations " International EPD System ".

The life cycle analysis includes the inventory of the materials used in the manufacture of the locomotive; Assembly and manufacturing process, consumption and maintenance once put into operation (with a hybrid electricity-diesel system) and the management of the materials once the end of life has been reached.

During the development of the project, an internal procedure has been generated to automate the process of collecting data from the suppliers. Likewise, environmental indicators based on the life cycle approach have also been generated to feed STADLER VALENCIA's environmental management system.

Thanks to this work, STADLER has a document that summarizes the environmental profile of the EURODUAL locomotive throughout its life cycle and for the functional unit of transporting 1Ton during 1 km, and that can be used as a communicative tool with its clients when they request environmental information, such as the Carbon Footprint or the rate of recyclability and recoverability of the vehicle.




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